Welcome to Family Health Acupuncture, pllc.

Where licensed acupuncturists are your partners in health and wellness

At Family Health Acupuncture PLLC, we seek to become your general practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine using acupuncture, diet and Chinese herbs to provide comprehensive care for you and your whole family.

Our initial intake is a detailed screening of your overall health where we consider the diverse aspects your body condition, your environment, your diet, and the overlooked issues underlying your chronic problems. We are aware of how fractured your healthcare coverage has become and we are careful to make sure that you take a look at the big picture so that you are certain to receive the highest quality care. Patients are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their overall health and to have more responsible dialogue with all their healthcare providers.

We have been successfully assisting families with a wide variety of conditions from preparing for pregnancy, childhood hives and the complications of Autism to asthma, IBS and the difficult side effects of Chemotherapy. Through dialogue and cooperation with you and your physicians, we will become a valuable part of your healthcare network.

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